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Olive harvesting at the Evia Island Garden Club 7-9/14-17 November

The olive has been revered in Greece since ancient times. Homer looked upon it as ‘liquid gold’. Its cultural significance is recorded in the Greek myth of how Athens came to be named.

King Cecrops, the ruler of Athens, was said to have made the city so beautiful that it came to the attention of the Gods.The Gods looked on the city with jealous eyes, each wanted to become its patron.The two strongest contenders were Poseidon and the Goddess Athena. Zeus declared they should compete by offering gifts to the city and the citizens would decide the winner.

Poseidon went first and drove his trident into the ground and a spring of water appeared. However the people were not impressed as the water was salty and not good for drinking. Athena took her turn and planted an olive tree.The people knew this would provide food, oil, shade and wood.The city was named in her honour.

Come and join us at The Evia Island Garden Club to help harvest and celebrate our sacred Olive! We are hosting two long weekends of olive picking where we will also take the olives to the press, explore the local flora and the unique aspects of Mediterranean gardening. Accommodation is at the beau