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January - Halcyon Days

Towards the end of January, the weather becomes warmer and the days become lighter in a phenomenon known as the Halcyon Days.

The mythical Halcyon Days get their name from the Halcyon, the Kingfisher, that nests on rocks in the sea. Even though it’s a migratory bird, the Kingfisher does not leave in Autumn, but in early Spring. Even in the depths of winter, mild weather and bright days shine through.

There is also a meteorological explanation for this phenomenon; at this time of year the barometric pressure between Northern and Southern Europe are equalized, resulting in milder weather.

In Greek mythology, Halcyon was the daughter of the god of the winds, Aeolus. Halcyon and her husband Ceyx envisioned themselves a power couple, rivalling Zeus and Hera. This disrespect enraged Zeus, who then turned Ceyx into a vulture. Halcyon searched tirelessly for her husband in the seas and as time passed, the Gods began to pity her and turned her into a seabird with the name Halcyon.

However, Halcyon’s hardships continued as she laid her eggs in the Winter and the tumultuous sea would dash them on the rocks before they had time to mature. Halcyon's heartbreaking cries persuaded Zeus and the other Gods to show mercy, and so they decided to create a 15 day respite from the Winter weather. During this time the winds and the sea calm, so that Halcyon can take care of her eggs and teach her hatchlings to fly before they are carried away by the sea.

These Halcyon days are too good to waste. Time is much needed in the garden after the cold, wet winter here in Greece. The Evia Island Garden Club invite you to come and enjoy the sunshine and mild weather here on the island of Evia.

Thursday 25 January until Sunday 28 January, 2019

If you get yourselves to the airport we will look after you from there.

The Evia Island Garden Club is based in a newly renovated space perfect to hold workshops, retreats and gatherings with four double rooms with private bathrooms for our guests. The garden here has evolved over the past 25 years and we are looking forward to your opinions and observations. Join us and eat well, sleep well and learn about Mediterranean gardening.

The Club is perched in the small mountain village of Mekounida, overlooking the bay of Karystos with a view of the red castle, a ruined Genoese castle dating from 1139.

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