A Relaxing Retreat

Perched in the heart of a small Greek mountain village, the home of the Evia Island Garden Club is Villa Kasteli, a three storey house on half an acre of terraced sloping hillside. The recently renovated accommodation offers four double bedrooms with four bathrooms, covered terraces with panoramic views to the Kastello Rosso and the open bay of Karystos, and a stone pergola by the swimming pool.

This garden retreat is being created to offer aspiring gardeners from all walks of life an insight into Mediterranean gardening in a naturally very beautiful Greek environment. 

In a short space of time, we promise to transport you and your guests into a paradise of authentic Mediterranean gardening which also includes good food, comfortable accommodation and memorable experiences. We offer hands on gardening experiences, botanical walks and garden to table food grown locally. 

When in season, we offer the full olive picking and pressing experience, a variety of art, philosophy and writing workshops and a host of hiking expeditions in the immediate vicinity of Mount Ohi. The nearby Dimosaris Gorge follows the river from its source over the ridge of the mountain and down to the sea on the northern side under the canopy of magnificent Plane trees (Platanus orientalis) with wild ferns carpeting the earth, ending on the old cobbled mule path above the village of Lenosei used for supplies for hundreds of years. 

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Welcome to our beautiful mountainside, where nature and tradition combine to create the perfect atmosphere.

At the heart of it all is our passion and commitment to sharing our knowledge and love of gardening. Travelling to a Greek island, immersing oneself in the culture, the food and local flora is a welcome retreat from the daily grind.

Our Garden Club provides an engaging learning experience for each guest, a flexible program and new environment to explore:- one of the best hands-on ways to learn about Mediterranean gardening and useful, topical plants from experts.

We are here to help our visitors get the most out of their experience.

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A garden on a Greek hillside

This video was taken in July 2018 and shows the oasis that is the main garden at Villa Kasteli.
Surrounded by dry olive groves and in the path of a fierce north wind that blows off Mount Ohi, the towering Leylands create a windbreak and offer privacy in the amphitheatre that is the village of Mekounida, overlooking the bay of Karystos. 
The main garden is a wonderful example of a thriving Mediterranean ecosystem where birds and bees, frogs and toads, butterflies and dragonflies all live together. Next door we have a functioning olive grove, compost production and a small arboretum of exotic trees on trial.  Whilst at Villa Kasteli, you can take the opportunity to visit a spectacular newly planted garden  designed by Jennie Gay and Piers Goldson.



An Inside Look

The four double bedrooms with their own bathrooms provide homely comfort for families and friends.

The garden is safe to explore and the stone pergola by the pool offers a cool, quiet place for contemplation and solitude.

The studio is available for a variety of work shops and yoga sessions to qualified instructors and their students.



An environment that offers garden to table fresh produce is a dream come true.

Here a skilled crew begin the process of designing raised beds, shredded garden waste pathways and functional wind breaks to protect from the fierce north wind crossing the site.



The Evia Island Garden Club provides an opportunity for a gathering of family and friends to celebrate a special occasion or organise a week's retreat far away from city life.

Do you have a course or workshop you would like to implement in ideal Mediterranean surroundings?

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The extra details that make your retreat unforgettable




Dinner Table
Lorna at the Old Stone Cottage





From evening Yin yoga to exploring the mountain gorges, swimming in the waterfalls and stretching with the aerial yoga hammocks, Villa Kasteli is the perfect base for your retreat.



A few examples of meals made with locally grown products, prepared for a vegetarian audience, with special emphasis on an optional vegan diet.



The Evia Island Garden Club is located on the Greek island of Euboea (Evia), a short one hour ferry ride from Athens.

Mekounida, Karystos, Euboea, Greece


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